Stained glass windows are not a high technology production but are manufactured by hand at every stage of the process. Hand rolled glass has, by its very nature, many imperfections even when newly manufactured. These imperfections add to its character and verify its authenticity and are what makes it special. There are often ridges and irregularities in the glass. Lumps bumps color variations,air bubbles,mis shapes and valleys, all adding to the attraction of the piece.

Glass does not deteriorate with age like other materials although the surface can become ingrained with dirt nicotine or other chemicals from an industrial environment.

Our restorers give a large amount of attention to cleaning as part of the process of preparation before we offer an item for sale; a specialist polishing process is then applied to return both the glass and the lead came's to their original lustrous condition. Where it has been necessary to remove the window from its original frame, as often is the case, the outside edge came's will often be damaged  and are then renewed completely. If undue deterioration of the lead came's has occurred then the window is completely re leaded.  The result is an beautiful antique which you will be proud to own.   

Often pieces of glass making up pattern repetitions are cut from slightly different looking pieces of glass. Two pieces of glass cut from the same sheet could often be significantly different in color and texture. In addition to variations in manufacture it is quite common for repairs to have been made during the long life of a window these may or may not be apparent on inspection depending on the the skill of the repairer and the availability of identical glass. Badly executed repairs are rectified  by our restorer before being offered for sale.

On removal from their final resting place as they are replaced during renovation breakage's often occur, these are always repaired using matching glass before being put up for sale. They are carried out by our professional restorers before being photographed and placed on our web site.

Some bowing of the glass due to shrinkage of the frame is a not uncommon occurrence. If this is more than minimal the window is re leaded an polished as previously stated.

Original frames are  normally covered with a number of layers of old paint. Loose and flaking paint is removed from the frames but they are not stripped. Many of our customers prefer to purchase windows still in their original frames and carry out their own renovation. The glass an lead came's must be in good condition before we sell them when the old frames are retained.

When the original frames are not re used we install the window in a pine shipping frame with mitered and screwed corners. Although intended primarily for securing the glass during shipping many of our customers find the frame profile and the workmanship acceptable enough to use as they are, for hanging, or structurally in internal walls. If ,however, you would prefer a carpenter made hardwood frame we can arrange this for a small extra cost.


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