For many years now the drafty old houses of England have been systematically brought up to date with double glazing systems thought necessary for the comfort required by today's society. This has meant the removal of many many precious works of art , sometimes of considerable antiquity. The quality of glass used in many of these windows will never be repeated as processes involving the mixing of metal oxides, sometimes along with dangerous substances such as arsenic, is no longer allowed.

The time is fast approaching where all of these old houses have been replaced or renovated. This means that the major source of these valuable antiques will disappear.

Replicas of the design of these old windows never look as good when made with modern glass. This is recognized by discerning people who only want original stained glass made with that beautiful depth of color only obtained with the old manufacturing methods.

The consequence of coarse will be a considerable rise in the the value, particularly of the more beautiful windows. This is all ready happening.