A matching pair of stained glass windows of the right size hinged together make a wonderful fire screen particularly if they are contained in original sash frames and therefore already have feet.

When fitted in a lightweight frame nicely stained and polished these works of art can be hung like paintings.

The most popular method of display is to stand an antique on the sill of an existing window. Easyboo

now fit 2" wide frames instead of shipping frames for a small charge. This lifts the window to let the maximum amount of light through.

A single window is often beautiful in a sliding frame for a serving hatch but three together, one static on either side with a slider in the middle can be magnificent.

Built inside toughened double glazing make a great feature for the wall of a swimming pool.

And of course what about the summer house or gazebo, the shower divider or even in an external wall to turn letting in the light in to an art form.

If you find the window you want but it just does not fit we can ad a border using atique glass to make it the size you want or even trim it down where the design allows.

Email or phone (00 44 800 881 8103)with your decor problem and we will try to find a solution.