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art nouveau  stained glass windows

The principal characteristic of English Art Nouveau stained Glass windows is their sinuous line. The principal subject is nature, whether stylized or realistic.
English Domestic nouveau windows are said to be similar to romantic book illustrations.

Nouveau art glass. Made its presence known at the first Worlds` Fair; held at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851.
In 1894, Tiffany glass was first seen in Paris when S. (Siegfried)
Bing first exhibited oriental arts and ceramics. Bing was a key
figure in the history of decorative arts.
His Salon de l'Art Nouveau in Paris gave the name to the movement.

There is room here for only a few brief notes on the subject of Nouveau stained glass
Those who wish to research further may check out the following artists:
Bonnard, Grasset, Ibels, Ranson, Roussel, Serusier,
Toulouse-Lautrec, Vallotton and Vuillard.

Art nouveau stained glass windows should easily be recognized among the extensive galleries below.

As the Victorian to Deco gallery,where most of
the deco glass is displayed, is getting rather large. It is intended to divide this in to separate Victorian and Deco galleries in the near future.

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