This RARE AND BEAUTIFUL Antique ART NOUVEAU Window IS STILL IN THE ORIGNAL SASH frames. RARE TO SEE WINDOW OF THIS QUALITY - AMAZING !!!! Removed from a property in LEEDS YORKSHIRE. THE WINDOW COMPRISES OF AN UPPER AN LOWER SASH 2 SEPERATE FRAMES . The glass has no chips or scratches and the leading is good. The depth of colour in glass used in this window has been obtained using methods which are no longer allowed Consequently glass as beautiful as this may never be made again. This is a striking work of art to enhance any home. Of English origin from around the 1902 mark. AN AMAZING ABUNDANCE OF FLORA CLIMBS ACROSS THE TOP OF THE WINDOW - A SPECTRUM OF DIVINE COLOURS AND RARE TEXTURED GLASS - WITH A BEAUTIFUL PINK TEXTURED BORDER THAT LOOKS LIKE LACE. THE COLOURLESS SECTIONS OF GLASS ARE CLEAR. This old heavy glass picks up and softly diffuses the colour of the light falling upon it.
THE LARGE TOP frame measures 39 3/4 "W x 52 1/2"H The glass is 36 3/4 X 45 1/2" x 45 1/2
THE BOTTOM FRAME IS 39 3/4" W X 32" H GLASS 36 3/4 X 25 3/4 BOTH FRAMES TOGETHER GIVE AN IMPRESSIVE 39 3/4" W X 84 1/2" H Shipping and packing for USA would cost $499.
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Nouveau Stained Glass Window
The Homes of the Victorian Gentry of England were opulent indeed. The divide between rich and poor was far greater than today as the art of clawing back wealth from those who created it was not as well honed. Opulence needed recognition and what better way than to instal magnificent stained glass windows. These windows were,and still are,better viewed from within. The larger the window,however,and the more readily noticed. It is incredible that many of these palacial residences have been turned in to multi occupancy dwellings,nursing holmes or industrial premises. However incredible, this fact has contributed in more than a little way to the availability of large and beautiful stained glass windows on the antiques market. The founder of easyboo.com; Trevor Winn, has collected stained glass windows for many years and is now able to offer them to discerning home owners who wish to experience some of the opulence of earlier days