Stained Glass Medallion Window CIRCA 1890

This beautiful old window Hasa outlived its original frame and been placed in beautiful ornate carved frame for display purposes. It was removed from a house in Lancashire during refurbishement. This is one of two windows removed from the same property. The coloured glass is of a heavy and deep texture and has no crack or chips
The outer perimeter and central medallion are framed in Victorian glow glass. This glass seems to glow with a light of its own in the half light at dawn or dusk or sometimes on a cloudy day. The truly beatiful colours of each small pane of glass are not fully realised in the photograph which is picking up the green of the garden beyond. It is an attribute of this heavy old glass to collect and softly diffuse the colours of the light falling upon it. The hand painted picture in the central medallion is crisp bright with little sign of fading. The frame measures 31"W x 47"H The glass measures 28 " x 41 Shipping and packing for USA would be $299 Including full insurance for loss and damage.
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