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Stained Glass Window Antique

This Magnificent Window has outlived the church where it spent most of its days and is now resplendent in a simple pine supporting frame.The name of the church is so far unknown The shaped glass originaly followed the line of the stonework in the top of the church window. The outer edge is open. This is a rather special antique to grace any home or gallery. Frame is 37 3/4"H x 25 1/2"W (96cm x 65cm)
Glass is 35 3/4"H x 23 1/2"W (91cm x 60cm)
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This Antique Window Shipped and packed to USA for is $159. You can buy this now using the paypal link below the photograph or e-mail sales click here to arrange payment by personal check ,money order or bank transfer.

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$ 1299.00
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