Stained Glass Kiln Fired Painted Windows CIRCA 1899

These beautiful old windows Have outlived the original frames , and been rehoused in substantial pines frame for display purposes. TRUE GEMS - WORKS OF ART. Removed from a property in LONDON BEAUTIFUL PAINTING - GRACIOUS BIRDS The coloured glass is of a heavy and deep texture and has no crack or chips
A FANTASTIC SIGHT WHEN SUNLIGHT CATCHES IT. This glass seems to glow with a light of its own in the half light at dawn or dusk or sometimes on a cloudy day. It is an attribute of this heavy old glass to collect and softly diffuse the colours of the light falling upon it. The frames each measure 9" W x 15"H The glass measures 6"W x 12"H Shipping and packing for USA would be $99 Including full insurance for loss and damage.
$ 2,999.00
(Shipping $ 99.00 )